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Fleischkäse Gebacken Fein

This delicious German oven-baked pork pie, slightly smoked and with a really spongy and tender consistency, is a highly appreciated traditional recipe.


Leberwurst fein und grob

This slightly smoked beef pate is really tasty! A very typical German charcuterie product, it comes in two different versions depending on whether the meat is thickly or thinly chopped.


Teewurst grob und fein

Delicious German lean pork pate, thickly or thinly chopped and stuffed. It's slightly smoked and usually eaten smeared on a slice of bread.


Münchner Weißwürste

Traditional white sausage from Munich, elaborated with the best beef and pork meats and the tastiest spices. The best way of cooking them is boiling them in water, and they're delicious accompanied with a pretzel (a typical salty bread) and sweet mustard.


Original Münchner Weißwurstsenf

This typical Munich sweet mustard is ideal with Münchner Weißwürste traditional white sausages, as they prepare and sell them at the market stalls from the capital of Bavaria.


Grill-Haxe und SchinkenEisbein

Delicious pork knuckle, it is cooked by boiling it first and then grilling it on the pan. This process makes it really crunchy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside, apart from giving it a spectacular taste! This is one of the most famous and appreciated traditional German dishes.  


Ungarische Salami

Traditional Hungarian salami; its combination of the best pork meat, a mix of spices and a slow maturing process give this cold meat a very particular flavour that is well-known around the world.


Deutsche Brot Wurst Hering Salat Kuchen Sorten

We offer a wide assortment of bread, cold meat, herring, salad, pie and other typically German products. Guten Appetit!