Aviram i caça Pepi

Parada 246



Opening Times

Monday to Saturday, 8 to 2:30PM

Fridays, 8 to 7PM


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Specialised in

Peasant chicken from the Berguedà and Empurdà regions, ecological chicken, cockerel, El Prat blue-legged chicken, chicken from Gears, black and white turkey.

Capon, duck, quail, partridge, hen, mountain rabbit, hare, deer, roe deer, ostrich, guinea fowl, and pheasant.

Elaborate products: cordon-bleu, escalope, battered fingers, quail and chicken lollipops, cannelloni, home-made croquettes, stuffed chicken and turkey, chicken nuggets, shish kebab, duck confit, magret de canard, duck fat, cockerel comb, fresh foie, foie micuit, sausage, chicken breast, etc.